Create. Learn. Finish.

Live online course for independent creators that will help you start and succeed.

✍️ Writing
🎙 Podcast
🎬​ Video

How it works

10 online sessions
in 4 weeks of remote work
20 classmates
with a similar goal to yours
4 projects
you will finish in 4 weeks
1 community
which doesn't end with the course

What's going to happen

1. Start creating.

You choose the topic, form and place where you will share your work.
From the first day you work on the projects you want to complete.

2. Find you audience.

You will decide who you want to influence and what you want to say to them.
At the end of the course you will know for whom and what you are trying to create.

3. Develop a system.

You will find methods and tools that will help you organize your work.
You will leave with a system that works and suits your style.

4. Cultivate your creative process.

You will find a process that will help you create even after the course.
You will leave with a stack of ideas and a project plan for the next few months.

5. Enter the community.

During the course we work in small groups of creators who have a lot in common.
After the end you will get a lifetime access to our shared discussion forum.

Who is it for

Beginner creators

Everyone who really wants to start creating things, but doesn't know how to start
or is afraid of reactions from their peers.

Bloggers, podcasters, youtubers

Creators who have justrecently started want to take their content to the next level.

Freelancers & entrepreneurs

People with their own business who want to learn how to create high quality content
to promote their services and products.

Professionals in their craft

Craftsmen who want to effectively transfer their know-how and skills to others
and make themselves visible as an expert in their field.

How sessions work

We meet online twice a week for 90 minutes on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7pm.

Every Monday the whole course meets, we discuss a new topic, and through exercises everyone applies it to their own projects. We will take turns in groups, so Monday's meetings are an opportunity to meet all participants in person. At the same time, we will record each segment with the theory, so you can play it back if you can't arrive that day.

Every Wednesday you will meet your smaller group of 5 creators, which will be formed in the first week according to common goals, and give feedback on your work for the last week. This is the most important meeting of the week where you need to be. Not only for themselves, but also for others who will rely on you for feedback on their work.

You complete one project every week. This is the most important principle of the course. Whatever happens, everyone completes one article, podcast or video each week. At the end of the course, everyone will have 4 completed projects. The essence of the course is to give you information, methods and support from other creators to help you do this.

Wednesday 31 Mar 19:00-20:30 → 0th meeting: Who's here
Monday 5 Apr
19:00-20:30 → 1st meeting: How to start
Wednesday 7 Apr
19:00-20:30 2nd meeting: Feedback with the group
Monday 12 Apr
19:00-20:30 3rd meeting: How to choose an audience
Wednesday 14 Apr
19:00-20:30 4th meeting: Feedback with the group
Monday 19 Apr
19:00-20:30 5th meeting: How to set up your system for work
Wednesday 21 Apr
19:00-20:30 → 6th meeting: Feedback with the group
Monday 26 Apr
19:00-20:30 7th meeting: How to set up your creative process
Wednesday 28 Apr
19:00-20:30 8th meeting: Feedback with the group
Wednesday 5 May
19:00-20:30 → Last meeting: Reflections and what's next

Not tomorrow. Today.

We begin on 31st March.
Invite only.